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Bobbi Eden

The “ILF” in “MILF”


The “M” in MILF turns out to be a rather subjective standard if you really think about it carefully. We all know some stellar individuals we would consider well worth the “F” effort, even should they never have procreated. If we’re honest, we all also know a good many women that simply baffle us whenever we try to consider how they got into the “M” category in the first place. While that may not be the polite point of view, it does not diminish the accuracy of the assessment.

It takes all kinds of people to make a world, and that works to the distinct benefit of most of us. It would be a pretty boring place were everyone attracted to exactly the same type of person, and also pretty soon there would only be a handful of people on the planet. That would suck, because how in the heck could you have the NFL in that case?

Now what really does make sense would be the “ILF” part of “MILF” — to the point where the “M” really makes no difference at all. Somehow, though, “M” started meaning “older” in the XXX world, and somehow that confusion has taken hold in popular culture. The fact that we interviewed one (need we say, young) starlet that defined a MILF as “anyone really old, like 28 or 30” should probably scare us more than it does. They get to vote, but almost none of them ever really gets around to it.

On the other hand, if adult movies really have started representing reality, then sex at home may start getting a lot more athletic — and involve more people — than most of us are used to, and we really will be able to “work something out” when we don’t have actual money.

That could be pleasant.


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