Tori Black "Kneeds" Jada Fire

Jada Fire & Tori Black


Tori Black & Jada Fire

Fire on the Whole


We always enjoy it when we run across very early performances of women that became big industry stars. When you know the star in question will end up winning more AVN Awards in a single year than any other person in adult movie history, well, that adds a special spice, as it were. Perhaps lacking the “balls-to-the-wall” performance that marked her championship surfing run, you can still see how Tori Black draws from the energy and heat stemming from Jada Fire.

Considering Tori technically has no balls which she might apply to any wall at all, this makes our “Reel” insight all the more interesting today.

As a side note, this particular clip may say more than intended about the production company as not only do the two women start outside, get undressed, and then reappear inside once again fully dressed, but the sad editor somehow put the wrong names on the title card. While we also enjoy Daisy Marie and Sammy Rhodes quite a lot, we do not really understand how one could mistake them for Tori Black and Jada Fire. On the other hand, the producer for the same company somehow made the baffling decision that putting a honking red-leather couch in the foyer, placed directly at the bottom of the stairs and blocking the front door made perfect design sense, so there you have it.

When I asked about changing up the location for some of his scenes, Alex deRenzy once offered this bit of advice that has stuck with me ever since: “If they’re looking at my furniture, I’m not doing my job.”

Yet here we are talking about the furniture. So there you have it, again.


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