Madison Ivy & Jack Vegas

Madison Ivy & Jack Vegas


Madison Ivy Considers Loan Alternatives

Loan Alternatives


You get paid for two things in life:

  1. Your time, or
  2. What you can do.

Granted the second item encompasses a very large category, as it can range from pure “knowledge” to more of a mechanical application of physical gifts, but life would be pretty boring if we all had the exact same mental and corporeal abilities and aspects. Madison Ivy, for example, aside from being an excellent and clever feature for Arbor Day, happens to look rather different than most of us.

For years I have said that porn stars are just like everyone else in life, except they happen to look really good naked, and they’re not very shy. When it comes right down to it, the “how” of having sex never really presents the problem in a fundamental sense. Still, like all athletic endeavors, once you start trying to do it on a professional level, the number of people able to excel drops dramatically. Most of us can throw a baseball, but not many of us can hit a target the size of a glove, at 100 mph, 60′ away. To get a baseball to go 100 mph, most of us would need a car.

So if you “can” have sex on camera for a living, and you happen to be comfortable signing the necessary releases, your options on how to spend the least amount of time earning the most amount of money to pay for school go way up. You might be surprised at the percentage of people using the money they earn in this business for things other than cars, drugs, or over-priced clothing, actually.

Of course odds would be extremely good that Ms. Madison Ivy and Mr. Jack Vegas were not given an actual script as they approached this scene, but the director did at least give them something they could relate to and work from. If you pay attention to the acting — with words kind, not the orgasms kind — in adult movies, you will often find the best performances come from actors given emotions to which they can relate. Go figure. Find enough of those scripts (or scenarios), and you too can be a star and go to any school you want.

Of course whether or not anyone will hire you in your chosen profession after you have earned your degree, well, that would be another question entirely. Most former stars we know still hide their history from the local PTA.

In a purely economic sense, though, it all comes down to how much money you get paid for spending how much time. That would be how almost every one of us makes every single financial decision.

Gosh, and here we thought the meaning of life has to be this really complicated thing.


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