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Sasha Grey

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For a couple of decades, the leader over at risqué made quite a living by — as he calls it — irritating the hell out of porn company owners. Many people can pick out a beautiful woman in a lineup, or at least pick out the physical attributes that they think paying customers might enjoy in flagrante delicto. Recognizing exceptional talent beyond the mere physical, though, that skill shows up only very rarely, even in Hollywood.

Our old friend Michael Ninn had a chance to sign Sasha Grey to a contract for his then young company Ninn Worx, but he passed (for whatever bizarre reason), telling our not really so humble leader to “Stand Down” on the issue. Then, of course, Sasha went on from “Performer of the Year” to Steven Soderbergh and Entourage to … well, you get the picture. An exceptional woman in a very wide variety of ways, Sasha sadly now only exists in our, “Gosh, but what could have been” friends list.

If you do decide to join, you can hear the whole Sasha Grey story. Just look up January of 2008 in the archives, or catch us at a convention and we’ll tell you the parts we didn’t even print.

Polite people never say, “I told you so.” … For the record, people have called us many, many things over the years, some of which you could even repeat in polite company. As far as we know, however, no one has ever called us polite. …


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