Sophia Lynn

Sophia Lynn


Sophia Lynn

Some Kinda Trouble

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Did you ever meet one of those women that you just knew was going to lead into some sort of trouble or another, but you went along anyway. And you never really even gave it much thought because it just seemed like the thing to do at the time?

Meet Sophia Lynn. Equal amounts energy, charm, and joy, that little bit of devil just always seemed to make Sophia live out there on the edge where most of us just dream about being. It’s one thing to act fearless as you go through life, but it’s another thing altogether to literally have no fear. She may never have quite stayed focused enough to build up a big career, but Sophia was always, always, great fun to be around. Even if you knew her latest scheme was never going to turn out the way she had envisioned, you just wanted to help her try.

Beautiful, sure. Sexy, obviously. But Sophia was also simply fun. And she happens to be one of nicest people you’ll ever meet, which clearly just makes her more dangerous, we know.

Some women are simply worth the trouble. The trip might end in a crash, but it will always be one hell of a ride.


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